Our Story

A simply unique accommodation.


Keeping it simple. That's what we're all about at The Has Bin. The Has Bin is located on a working farm in Northeastern Vermilion County, Illinois. We value hard work, simple pleasures, and family & friends. We grow corn, soybeans, and wheat. We raise our own beef and grow and preserve fruits & veggies from our garden.

The actual bin structure was assembled at its current location in the 1950s and was used as a working storage bin for grain until the 1970s when it was moved six miles south to a neighbor's farm for their use. Recently, when the bin was no longer needed there, it was moved back in one piece to its original location.

The bin is 18' in diameter and accommodates two people. It features a sleeping loft, clawfoot tub/shower, satellite TV, a comfortable front porch, and an upper deck for viewing spectacular sunsets. Nights are quiet except for the occasional forlorn howl of the coyotes or the lonesome call of the train that runs directly behind the bin.

Meals at the Has Bin are kept simple as well. Homemade sweets vary by day and are provided at check-in. Breakfast choices are your choice of sweet or savory and can be delivered to your door or served under the large pavilion. If you choose not to use a local restaurant for dinner, feel free to sit out under the stars at our fire pit or under the pavilion and cook your own meal. Simple farmhouse meals can be provided for dinner as well for an extra fee.

Different seasons bring different chores around the farm. Spring brings ground preparation, crop planting, and planting of the flowers and veggie garden, making jams & jellies, and canning our vegetables. Fall is the most exciting time! Harvest is under way and lots of hearty casseroles are taken to the field and served picnic style to hungry farmers.

We hope your stay at the Has Bin will be a memorable one. Whether you just want to relax, explore the farm or the area, or go fishing at the pond; we hope you feel like family while you are here. (But be careful! We might just put you to work!)